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......@@ -16,13 +16,11 @@ the rv2 dir but in the dir which contains rv2 (or change rv2 src makefile).
This lib need libprotobuf to be build and the protobuf compiler. Let your
distribution do the job (libprotobuf-dev and protobuf-compiler on debian).
git clone
cd osmpbf
git clone
cmake .
......@@ -14,9 +14,7 @@ pbf is updated if the pdf cover the same area.
Analyze pbf
./src/analyze_pbf SOMEWHERE/france-latest.osm.pbf > SOMEWHERE/list_needed_srtm
The `analyze_pbf` program give:
......@@ -44,18 +42,14 @@ With the `list_needed_srtm`, download the tiles. A script is provided in scripts
This script is the definition of brutality.
./scripts/dlsrtm SOMEWHERE/list_needed_srtm SOMEWHERE/srtmzip
Unzip SRTM files
mkdir -p SOMEWHERE/srtm
find SOMEWHERE/srtmzip/ -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 -I{} unzip {} -d SOMEWHERE/srtm
We don't need SOMEWHERE/srtmzip anymore. You can remove it.
......@@ -63,9 +57,7 @@ We don't need SOMEWHERE/srtmzip anymore. You can remove it.
Creating elevation db
./src/elevation_create_database SOMEWHERE/ele_db_sparse SOMEWHERE/srtm/*.hgt
This elevation db is directly usable. Buto create this elevation db, the program
use a writable map, and the elevation database is a big sparse file. If you are
......@@ -83,9 +75,7 @@ re-write it sequencialy (without using writable map). The two database are
equivalent, but the created elevation db from last step is a big sparse file,
and after this step, the elevation db is a small dense file.
./src/lmdb_rewriter SOMEWHERE/ele_db_sparse SOMEWHERE/ele_db
SOMEWHERE/ele_db_sparse is not needed anymore.
......@@ -106,9 +96,7 @@ The program elevation_query_database use coupe (lon,lat) in stdin and give
elevation in stdout. For example, to get the elevation of the point given by
coords (lon=1.017, lat=48.513) use:
echo 1.017 48.513 | ./src/elevation_query_database SOMEWHERE/ele_db
Building routing database
......@@ -124,9 +112,7 @@ routing, of course). To create this database, you need to have:
- a large amount of RAM (see predictions in previous part obtained by pbf
./src/route_create_databases_from_pbf SOMEWHERE/france-latest.osm.pbf SOMEWHERE/ele_db SOMEWHERE/route_db
Have a cup of tea.
......@@ -146,18 +132,14 @@ component which are near points of coords:
use the following command:
echo 0.044 45.661 0.169 45.648 0.240 45.737 0 \
| ./src/route_query_lookup_database SOMEWHERE/route_db
Second we test the node db. You must have node id (you can use nodes id found by
the lookup, with this you can also verify node are near queried coordinates).
For example, to obtain information about the nodes 1068822559 and 561188093, use
the following command:
echo 1068822559 561188093 \
| ./src/route_query_nodes_database SOMEWHERE/route_db
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