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Definition of a langage to express circuit diargams
and the compilator associated.
## Base syntax
## Dependencies
## Variables bindings
This program needs
## Linking
* A recent version of the ocaml compiler
* GNU Make
## Building and running
To build the project and create the `comp` executable run
make comp
To run the tests use
make tests
To compile and run the examples
make examples
## Syntax overview
The syntax to describe circuits is pretty simple, and has three different
type of expressions. First of all, a circuit is represented by an expression,
and expressions can be _composed_ to create bigger circuits, this is what
the base syntax allows for. Even if every circuit can be expressed in that way,
it is often convenient to use variables to name inputs and outputs of circuits,
and use the same variable across the construction, this is what the variable binding
is about. Finally, sometimes the variables are to be linked together, an never
used again (linking port of circuits), this is the last part.
### Base syntax
The basic circuits are the following ones
1. The identity circuit `n` which is the identity for n wires
2. The fork operator `f` and it's dual the join operator `j`
3. The disconnected wire `_|_` and the forget `w`
4. The trace operator
5. The switch operator
### Variable binding
Input variables and output variables
### Linking
Linking is easy !
## Type system
Description of the type system
## Writing complex diagrams
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