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Add the syntax for let binding

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......@@ -93,6 +93,43 @@ The trace is not an operator yet, because it can be replaced by link.
Inside a `SEQ ... END` bloc the newlines are replaced with sequential composition of the lines (with implicit parenthesis
around each line). The same goes for parallel composition and `PAR ... END`.
#### LET construction
In order to define complex circuits it is often needed to build separate subcircuits and use them one or several time
in a bigger expression : this is the only thing that the `let` construction does.
The syntax is the following :
let NameStartingWithACapitalLetter = regular circuit syntax in
let ... = ... in
main circuit definition
Note that the variable substitution is done textually, meaning that the circuit is _copied_ into the places of use.
Therefore, if the expression contains free variables, they can be bound differently in each use of the circuit, an
example can illustrate this behaviour :
let SingleVariable = :a in
(link b:a for ( b: | SingleVariable)) | (link c:a for SingleVariable . c:)
(link b:a for ( b: | :a)) | (link c:a for :a . c:)
Note that variable can be used inside `let` expressions, just like in ocaml :
let Variable1 = expr1 in
let Variable2 = expr2 that can contain Variable1 in
There is no way to express mutually recursive definition with let bindings, as it would mean constructing circuits
with infinite depth.
### Building circuits with the AST direcly
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