Commit f9554ba1 authored by Fardale's avatar Fardale
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[node] flush after sending the result

This may solve the problem of partially send result
parent e8d750e4
......@@ -52,7 +52,9 @@ let handle_computation sockaddr computation () =
Lwt_io.with_connection sockaddr (fun (_ic, oc) ->
Lwt_io.write_line oc (Serialization_j.string_of_query (`RESULT result)) )
Lwt_io.write_line oc (Serialization_j.string_of_query (`RESULT result))
>>= fun () -> Lwt_io.flush oc
(* TODO: rendre ça résistant au crash du serveur *)
>>= fun () ->
Logs_lwt.debug (fun m ->
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