Commit 3882816f authored by raida's avatar raida
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Fix '%d' bug in 1A modif

parent 46de5f63
......@@ -1490,7 +1490,7 @@ def WEIchangeInscription1A(request, sock, kwargs):
out = nk.full_read(sock)
if out["retcode"] != 0:
messages.add_error(request, out["errmsg"])
return HttpResponseRedirect("{}wei/inscrits1a/%d".format(settings.NOTE_ROOT_URL, idwei, ))
return HttpResponseRedirect("{}wei/inscrits1a/{}".format(settings.NOTE_ROOT_URL, idwei, ))
messages.add_success(request, "Modifications effectuées avec succès")
return HttpResponseRedirect("{}wei/inscrits1a".format(settings.NOTE_ROOT_URL))
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