Commit 6944de2a authored by raida's avatar raida
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Transmit new fields to bdd

parent ca3d1069
......@@ -1655,6 +1655,9 @@ def WEI1A(request, sock, kwargs):
request.session["wei1A2019"]["infos"] = form.cleaned_data["infos"]
request.session["wei1A2019"]["soge"] = 't' if form.cleaned_data["soge"] else 'f'
request.session["wei1A2019"]["etranger"] = 't' if form.cleaned_data["etranger"] else 'f'
request.session["wei1A2019"]["ml_bds"] = 't' if form.cleaned_data["ml_bds"] else 'f'
request.session["wei1A2019"]["ml_bda"] = 't' if form.cleaned_data["ml_bda"] else 'f'
request.session["wei_1A2019"]["petit_mot"] = form.cleaned_data["petit_mot"]
request.session["nb_quest"] = 0
if out["retcode"] != 0:
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