Commit ca822d0c authored by Pierre-Antoine Comby's avatar Pierre-Antoine Comby

Maj Bus 2018

parent 2634a9d5
......@@ -521,15 +521,16 @@ ROLES = (
BUS = (
('Je ne sais pas', 'Je ne sais pas'),
('[Car]vengers' , '[Car]vengers'),
('Les Pirates du [Car]ibéen', 'Les Pirates du [Car]ibéen'),
('[Car] Toutatis !', '[Car] Toutatis !'),
('Chewbac[car]', 'Chewbac[car]'),
('Ex[car]libur', 'Ex[car]libur'),
('Zinedine Zi[Van]', 'Zinedine Zi[van]'),
('[Car]field', '[Car]field'),
('Nausi[car] de la vallée du [van]', 'Nausi[car] de la vallée du [van]'),
('Au [bus]cher', 'Au [bus]cher'),
('La grosse [caisse]', 'La grosse [caisse]'),
('Ha[van]a Club', 'Ha[van]ana Club'),
('l houm[bus]', 'l houm[bus]'),
('[Van]ted', '[Van]ted'),
('Pernod-Ri[Car]d', 'Pernod-Ri[Car]d'),
('Mystery machine', 'Mystery Machine'),
('Staff', 'Staff'),
class WEImonInscriptionForm(BootstrapForm):
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