Commit 06d9d6a8 authored by Antoine Bernard's avatar Antoine Bernard

Merge branch 'master' into tea-time

parents 5eb65b28 faf0a214
......@@ -513,6 +513,15 @@ ROLES = (
BUS = (
('Je ne sais pas', 'Je ne sais pas'),
('Alerte à Mali[bus]', 'Alerte à Mali[bus]'),
('Bran[Car]d', 'Bran[Car]d'),
('Voie 9 3/[4]', 'Voie 9 3/[4]'),
('Macho, macho [van]', 'Macho, macho [van]'),
('[Car]tel', '[Car]tel'),
('Pablo Neru[Car]', 'Pablo Neru[Car]'),
('Saoûls Marines', 'Saoûls Marines'),
('Le Mario[Kart]', 'Le Mario[Kart]'),
('[Car]GB vs CIA', '[Car]GB vs CIA'),
class WEImonInscriptionForm(BootstrapForm):
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