Commit 1dc52d6f authored by Daniel STAN's avatar Daniel STAN
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etat_imprimante: affiche le statut pour de vrai

C'est comme ça que ça se corrige, un bug.
parent 4f44971b
......@@ -38,12 +38,10 @@ def etat_canon():
for oid in [".hrPrinterStatus.1", ".hrDeviceStatus.1"]:
# raw_msg.append(comm.get_string(oid))
msg = _dico['\n'.join(msg)].split('\n')
if raw_msg[1] == 'warning(3)':
msg += [v.replace('"', '') for v in comm.walk('mib-').values()]
msg += [v.replace('"', '') for v in comm.walk('mib-', output='q').values()]
except Exception,err:
msg.append("[%s]" % unicode(err))
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