Commit 2acb9418 authored by Valentin Samir's avatar Valentin Samir

[wiki/theme/crans] On retire la liste des "sister pages" du panel de droite

sinon, le champs recherche vas se cacher hors écrans pour les gens qui n'ont pas de 1080p

truc étrange au commit précédent précédent
parent e7563a2d
......@@ -101,6 +101,49 @@ class Theme(ThemeBase):
'{o}': ("{o}", "star_off.png", 16, 16),
def navibar(self, d):
""" Assemble the navibar
@param d: parameter dictionary
@rtype: unicode
@return: navibar html
request = self.request
found = {} # pages we found. prevent duplicates
items = [] # navibar items
item = u'<li class="%s">%s</li>'
current = d['page_name']
# Process config navi_bar
if request.cfg.navi_bar:
for text in request.cfg.navi_bar:
pagename, link = self.splitNavilink(text)
if pagename == current:
cls = 'wikilink current'
cls = 'wikilink'
items.append(item % (cls, link))
found[pagename] = 1
# Add current page at end of local pages
if not current in found:
title = d['page'].split_title()
title = self.shortenPagename(title)
link = d['page'].link_to(request, title)
cls = 'current'
items.append(item % (cls, link))
# Assemble html
items = u''.join(items)
html = u'''
<ul id="navibar">
''' % items
return html
def wikipanel(self, d):
""" Create wiki panel """
_ = self.request.getText
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