Commit a3715746 authored by Vincent Le gallic's avatar Vincent Le gallic

[wiki/macro] Ajout d'une macro pour montrer toutes les pages qui ont des ACL spécifiées.

parent 2224da31
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
MoinMoin - AllPagesWithACL Macro
@copyright: 2007 Alexander "Loki" Agibalov
@license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.
12.2007 - conversion to new syntax by Bolesław Kulbabiński
import os
import re
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin import wikiutil
def getAcl(request, pagename):
pg = Page(request, pagename)
pi = pg.get_pi()
ret = pi["acl"].getString()
if ret == '':
ret = "not defined"
return ret
def macro_AllPagesWithACL(macro, args):
html = "<p><b>All pages:</b><br>"
all = {}
pages = macro.request.rootpage.getPageList()
# pages = macro.request.rootpage.getPageList(filter = re.compile("^WikiSandBox").match)
html += "Total: %s pages </p>" % str(len(pages))
for pagename in pages:
all[Page(macro.request, pagename).link_to(macro.request)] = getAcl(macro.request, pagename)
html += "<table>"
all1 = sorted(all.items())
for pg, ac in all1:
html += "<tr><td>%s</td>" % pg
html += "<td>%s</td></tr>" % ac
html += "</table>"
return macro.formatter.rawHTML(html)
def execute(macro, args):
return wikiutil.invoke_extension_function(
macro.request, macro_AllPagesWithACL, args, [macro])
except ValueError, err:
return macro.request.formatter.text(
"<<AllPagesWithACL: %s>>" % err.args[0])
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