Commit fde9b432 authored by Raphael-david Lasseri's avatar Raphael-david Lasseri
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[] Creation de Owncloud/ dans le home des adherents

parent 95e25033
......@@ -165,7 +165,11 @@ class home:
file(home + '/.forward', 'w').write(mail_redirect + '\n')
os.chown(home + '/.forward', int(uid), config.gid)
os.chmod(home + '/.forward', 0604)
### Owncloud dans le home
if not os.path.exists(home + '/Owncloud'):
os.mkdir(home + '/Owncloud')
os.chown(home + '/Owncloud', int(uid), "www-data")
os.chmod(home + '/Owncloud',770)
print ERREUR
if self.debug:
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