Commit 284edfb0 authored by bobot's avatar bobot

Modification du message lorsque spamassassin crans n'est pas utilisépar la


parent 6a315dd5
......@@ -44,4 +44,4 @@ class SpamAssassin(GUIBase):
('SPAMASSASSIN_DISCARD_SCORE',mm_cfg.Number,7,0,_('''minimum SpamAssassin score before discarding the message'''),_('''If the message have a SpamAssass\in score higher than this value then it is discard.''')),
('SPAMASSASSIN_MEMBER_BONUS',mm_cfg.Number,7,0,_('''Bonus score for message coming from a member of the list'''),_('''If the message come from a member of the list then the SpamAssassin score is lessen by the value.'''))]
return [_("""This feature doesn't work yet with this list.""")]
return [_("""This feature doesn't work yet with this list. Ask to the Nounou if you want this list to have this feature.""")]
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