Commit a15eec65 authored by Daniel STAN's avatar Daniel STAN

[munin] retrait plugin vigile

Il n'affiche rien de pertinent anyway.
parent 20fdae6a
......@@ -139,10 +139,6 @@ for switch in annuaires.all_switchs():
switch = switch.replace('-', '_')
hosts_plugins["dyson"]["ping_%s.adm" % switch] = "ping_bat_"
# Et les vigiles...
for lieu in ["0a", "0b", "2b", "0c", "0g", "2g", "4g", "0h", "-1i", "0j", "4j", "0m"]:
hosts_plugins["dyson"]["" % lieu.replace('-','_')] = "/usr/scripts/surveillance/vigile"
# On rajoute les stats de connexion
for host in hosts_plugins.keys():
hosts_plugins[host].update({"sockets": "sockets"})
file_host=`basename $0 | sed 's/^vigile_//g' | sed 's/_/-/g'`
if [ -z "$host" ]; then
echo 'no host to ping'
exit 2
if [ "$1" = "config" ]; then
echo host_name $host
echo graph_title Monitoring of $host
echo 'graph_args --lower-limit 0 --upper-limit 1024 --rigid'
echo 'graph_vlabel units'
echo 'graph_category other'
echo 'graph_info This graph shows activity.'
echo "motion.label motion"
echo 'motion.draw LINE2'
echo 'light.label light'
echo 'light.draw LINE2'
exit 0
echo 'passo,d=?' | nc -w1 -u $host 1200 | perl -ne 'printf("motion.value %d\n",300*($1+$2+$3)) if /d=(\d):(\d):(\d)$/'
echo 'passo,a=?' | nc -w1 -u $host 1200 | perl -ne 'printf("light.value %d\n",$1) if /^a=(\d+)$/'
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