Commit 05e56b72 authored by Maxime Bombar's avatar Maxime Bombar

New junk files to clean up

parent d3f57325
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ rebuild: cleanall all
## make clean : Removes every auto-generated file except for pdf.
@echo -n "aux bbl blg dvi fdb_latexmk fls tdo toc thm"|xargs -t -d ' ' -n 1 -I {} find . -iname "*.{}" -delete
@echo -n "aux bbl blg dvi fdb_latexmk fls nav snm tdo toc thm vrb"|xargs -t -d ' ' -n 1 -I {} find . -iname "*.{}" -delete
rm -f $(OUT)
rm -f $(LOG)
find . -iname "*flymake*" -delete
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