Commit a2c4fd6a authored by Maxime Bombar's avatar Maxime Bombar

More complete makefile

parent 788b2de1
......@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@
# latexmk is a swiss army knife of latex compilation. Option -pdf to output the pdf.
PDFLATEX = latexmk -pdf $<
CMD = cat main.log | grep -iE
REGEXBOX = full..hbox
WARNINGS = warning
SHELL = /bin/bash
all: main.tex
......@@ -12,11 +17,19 @@ rebuild: clean all
# Display how many warnings there are.
warnings: all
@echo "$(shell echo 'There are $$(( $$(cat main.log | grep -i warning | wc -l)-1 ))' warnings)"
@echo "${shell echo $(\n)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$(( $$($(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | wc -l)-1 ))' warning\(s\)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$($(CMD) $(REGEXBOX) | wc -l)' bad boxe\(s\)}"
# Display all warnings.
showwarnings: warnings
@echo "$(shell echo '$$(cat main.log | grep -i warning | tail +2)' )"
showwarnings: all
@echo "${shell echo $(\n)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$(( $$($(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | wc -l)-1 ))' warning\(s\):}"
@echo "${shell echo '$$( $(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | tail +2)' }"
@echo "${shell echo $(\n)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$($(CMD) $(REGEXBOX) | wc -l)' bad boxe\(s\):}"
@echo "${shell echo '$$( $(CMD) $(REGEXBOX))' }"
.PHONY: clean
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