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\beginsong{Fire water burn}
  [by={Bloodhound Gang},cov={one-fierce-beer-coaster},album={One fierce beer coaster}]


    The \[G]roof, the roof, the \[Em]roof is on fire \rep{3}
    \[D]We don't need no water, let the \[C]motherfucker
    Burn motherfucker, \[G]burn
    {\nolyrics \[G Em G Em]} \rep{2}

    Hel\[G]lo my name is Jimmy Pop and \[Em]{I'm} a dumb white guy
    I'm not \[G]old or new but middle school fifth \[Em]grade like junior high
    I don't \[G]know mofo if y'all peeps be buggin' give \[Em]props to my ho cause she all fly
    But I can \[D]take the heat cause I'm the other white meat known \[C]as \emph{Kid Funky Fry}

      Yeah, I'm \[G]hung like planet Pluto hard to \[Em]see with the naked eye
      But if I \[G]crashed into Uranus I would \[Em]stick it where the sun don't shine
      Cause I'm \[G]kinda like Han Solo always \[Em]struck in my own wookie
      I'm the \[D]root of all that's evil, yeah, but \[C]you can call me cookie

      Yo, yo, this \[G]hard-core ghetto gangster image \[Em]takes a lot of practice
      I'm not \[G]black like Barry White no I am \[Em]white like Frank Black is
      So if \[G]man is five and the devil is six than \[Em]that must make me seven
      \[G] This honkey's \[Em]gone to heaven

      But if \[G]{I go} to hell then I \[Em]hope I burn well
      I'll spend my \[G]days with J.F.K., Marvin Gaye, Martha \[Em]Raye, and Lawrence Welk
      And Kurt Co\[G]bain, Kojak, Mark Twain and Jimi \[Em]Hendrix's poltergeist
      And \[D]Webster yeah Emmanuel Lewis cause \[C]{he's} the anti-christ

    Everybody here we go
    \[G]{Oh, oh,} c'mon party people
    \[Em]{Oh, oh,} throw your hands in the air
    \[G]{Oh, oh,} c'mon party people
    \[Em]{Oh, oh,} wave 'em like you don't care
    \[G]{Oh, oh,} c'mon party people
    \[Em]{Oh, oh,} everbody say ho
    \[G]{Oh, oh,} c'mon party people
    \[Em]{Oh, oh,} everybody here we go