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#!/usr/bin/make -f
# Requires latexmk.
# Maxime Bombar <>
## This Makefile is used to build pdf from a latex project. Use ```make help``` to display a summary of the rules.
## make MyFancyProject.pdf : Builds MyFancyProject.pdf (and auxiliary files) from MyFancyProject.tex and fails if it doesn't exist.
## make MyFancyProject.warn : Displays how many warnings and bad boxes there are when compiling MyFancyProject.
## make MyFancyProject.showwarn : Displays the warnings and bad boxes for MyFancyProject.
.PHONY: all help clean cleanall
SHELL = /bin/bash
# latexmk is a swiss army knife of latex compilation. Option -pdf to output the pdf.
PDFLATEX := latexmk -pdf -shell-escape
CMD = cat $*.log | grep -iE
REGEXBOX := full..hbox
WARNINGS := warning
TEXDOCS = $(wildcard *.tex)
PDF := $(patsubst %.tex,%.pdf, $(TEXDOCS))
OUT := $(patsubst %.tex,%.out, $(TEXDOCS))
LOG := $(patsubst %.tex,%.log, $(TEXDOCS))
# Prevents some intermediate files to be automatically deleted...
.PRECIOUS: %.log %.pdf Makefile
%.log: %.tex
%.warn: %.log
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$(( $$($(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | wc -l)-1 ))' warning\(s\)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$($(CMD) $(REGEXBOX) | wc -l)' bad boxe\(s\)}"
%.showwarn: %.log
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$(( $$($(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | wc -l)-1 ))' warning\(s\) for $*:}"
@echo "${shell echo '$$( $(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | tail +2)' }"
@echo "${shell echo $(\n)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$($(CMD) $(REGEXBOX) | wc -l)' bad boxe\(s\) for $*:}"
@echo "${shell echo '$$( $(CMD) $(REGEXBOX))' }"
%.pdf: %.log
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$(( $$($(CMD) $(WARNINGS) | wc -l)-1 ))' warning\(s\)}"
@echo "${shell echo 'There are $$($(CMD) $(REGEXBOX) | wc -l)' bad boxe\(s\)}"
## make all : Builds every file in the current directory.
all: $(TEXDOCS)
## make rebuild : Cleans and rebuilds every file.
rebuild: cleanall all
## make clean : Removes every auto-generated file except for pdf.
@echo -n "aux bbl blg dvi fdb_latexmk fls nav snm tdo toc thm vrb"|xargs -t -d ' ' -n 1 -I {} find . -iname "*.{}" -delete
rm -f $(OUT)
rm -f $(LOG)
find . -iname "*flymake*" -delete
find . -iname "*~" -delete
find . -iname "\#*" -delete
find . -type d -iname 'auto' -exec rm -rf {} +
## make cleanall : Removes every auto-generated file.
cleanall: clean
rm -f $(PDF)
## make help : Displays this help.
help: Makefile
@sed -n 's/^##//p' $<
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