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Do not subscribe user protected models to admin

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...@@ -35,39 +35,9 @@ from .models import ( ...@@ -35,39 +35,9 @@ from .models import (
Ban, Ban,
Whitelist, Whitelist,
Request, Request,
) )
class LdapUserAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
"""Administration du ldapuser"""
list_display = ('name', 'uidNumber', 'login_shell')
exclude = ('user_password', 'sambat_nt_password')
search_fields = ('name',)
class LdapServiceUserAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
"""Administration du ldapserviceuser"""
list_display = ('name',)
exclude = ('user_password',)
search_fields = ('name',)
class LdapUserGroupAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
"""Administration du ldapusergroupe"""
list_display = ('name', 'members', 'gid')
search_fields = ('name',)
class LdapServiceUserGroupAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
"""Administration du ldap serviceusergroup"""
list_display = ('name',)
search_fields = ('name',)
@admin.register(School) @admin.register(School)
class SchoolAdmin(VersionAdmin): class SchoolAdmin(VersionAdmin):
"""Manage all schools in admin""" """Manage all schools in admin"""
...@@ -204,10 +174,6 @@, UserAdmin) ...@@ -204,10 +174,6 @@, UserAdmin), UserAdmin), UserAdmin), UserAdmin), UserAdmin), ServiceUserAdmin), ServiceUserAdmin), LdapUserAdmin), LdapUserGroupAdmin), LdapServiceUserAdmin), LdapServiceUserGroupAdmin), ListRightAdmin), ListRightAdmin), EMailAddressAdmin), EMailAddressAdmin), RequestAdmin), RequestAdmin)
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