Commit 048b5259 authored by Daniel STAN's avatar Daniel STAN

secrets pour site-accueil

parent 239a8dc5
......@@ -187,13 +187,17 @@ class ACLChecker(object):
return True
if user == 'www-data' and in_group('intranet2-service'):
logger.debug('ici: %s' % name.split('_', 1)[0])
if name.split('_', 1)[0] in [ 'comnpay', 'dhcp', 'digicode', 'intranet',
'ldap', 'validation', 'django']:
return True
if name.split('-', 1)[0] in ['trigger', 'icecast']:
return True
if user == 'www-data' and in_group('site-accueil-service'):
if name.startswith('ldap_readonly_') or\
return True
if user == 'www-data' and (in_group('portail-captif') or in_group('cas')) and \
return True
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