Commit 827f707c authored by Daniel STAN's avatar Daniel STAN

[firewall] forward de syslog et https pour bornes

https servira pour l'acs.
parent b04a9e64
......@@ -873,6 +873,9 @@ class firewall_komaz(firewall_base_routeur):
if config.firewall.ports_default[proto]['input']:
self.add(table, chain, '-p %s -d %s -m multiport --dports %s -j RETURN' % (proto, net, ','.join( format_port(port) for port in config.firewall.ports_default[proto]['input'])))
# TODO faire un truc plus propre ( ?) -- b2moo
# syslog et https
self.add(table, chain, '-p udp -s -m multiport --dports 443,514 -j RETURN')
for machine in self.machines():
for ip in machine['ipHostNumber']:
if 'portTCPout' in machine.attrs.keys():
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