Commit efa97540 authored by Valentin Samir's avatar Valentin Samir

[bind] SPF records

parent 9112f4c5
......@@ -487,13 +487,13 @@ zone "%(NOM_zone)s" {
### Ajout des parametres SPF
direct[''] +='; Parametres SPF\n'
direct[''] +='\tIN\tTXT\t"v=spf1 a mx ?all"\n'
direct[''] +='\tIN\tSPF\t"v=spf1 a mx ip6:2a01:240:fe3d:4::/64 ?all"\n'
for m in self.MXs:
direct[''] +='%s.\tIN\tTXT\t"v=spf1 a ?all"\n' % m.split()[-1]
direct[''] +='%s.\tIN\tSPF\t"v=spf1 a ip6:2a01:240:fe3d:4::/64 ?all"\n' % m.split()[-1]
direct[''] += '\n'
direct[''] += '; Parametres SPF\n'
direct[''] += '\tIN\tTXT\t"v=spf1 mx ?all"\n\n'
direct[''] += '\tIN\tSPF\t"v=spf1 mx ip6:2a01:240:fe3d:4::/64 ?all"\n\n'
### Ajout d'eventuels champs SRV
direct[''] +='; Champs SRV\n'
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