Commit 3d48f0f6 authored by Lucas Delcros's avatar Lucas Delcros
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entities spawn is now checked is speciesArray (see issue)

parent ed3617c8
...@@ -164,7 +164,8 @@ public final class MapBuilder implements Serializable{ ...@@ -164,7 +164,8 @@ public final class MapBuilder implements Serializable{
int jj=rooms.get(room).j1+r.nextInt(rooms.get(room).width); int jj=rooms.get(room).j1+r.nextInt(rooms.get(room).width);
int posY=ii*Point.TileScale; int posY=ii*Point.TileScale;
int posX=jj*Point.TileScale; int posX=jj*Point.TileScale;
if(tb[jj][ii].getType() != TileType.WATER) entities.add(SpeciesArray.create(posX,posY,100,"Ronflex","Monster "+i)); //if(tb[jj][ii].getType() != TileType.WATER) entities.add(SpeciesArray.create(posX,posY,100,"Ronflex","Monster "+i));
if(SpeciesArray.canSpawn(Point.construct(posX, posY), "Ronflex")) entities.add(SpeciesArray.create(posX,posY,100,"Ronflex","Monster "+i));
} }
} }
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