Commit aa403564 authored by Lucas Delcros's avatar Lucas Delcros

Temporary solution to spawning in lava bug : the player spawns in the upper left corner

parent 45ab6380
......@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@ public class SurfacesMapGeneration implements Serializable{
private static MapPoint defineStartPosition(Surface[] rooms) {
Random r = new Random();
int idRoom=r.nextInt(rooms.length);
int posY=(rooms[idRoom].j1+rooms[idRoom].j2)/2;
int posX=(rooms[idRoom].i1+rooms[idRoom].i2)/2;
// int posX = rooms[idRoom].j1;
// int posY = rooms[idRoom].i1;
//int posY=(rooms[idRoom].j1+rooms[idRoom].j2)/2;
//int posX=(rooms[idRoom].i1+rooms[idRoom].i2)/2;
int posX = rooms[idRoom].i1;
int posY = rooms[idRoom].j1;
MapPoint startPosition=new MapPoint(posY, posX);
return startPosition;
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