Commit 7b31b3e0 authored by Pierre-Elliott Bécue's avatar Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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[ldap_crans] On évite plusieurs imports sur une ligne

parent a6b20bfa
......@@ -11,14 +11,28 @@ Licence : GPLv2
from socket import gethostname
import socket
import smtplib, re, os, random, string, time, sys, pwd
import smtplib
import re
import os
import random
import string
import time
import sys
import pwd
import errno
import ldap, ldap.modlist, ldap_passwd
import ldap
import ldap.modlist
import ldap_passwd
import netaddr
import time
import annuaires_pg as annuaires
import config, config.impression, iptools, ip6tools, cPickle, config_mail
import config
import config.impression
import iptools
import ip6tools
import cPickle
import config_mail
from chgpass import change_password
from affich_tools import coul, prompt, cprint
from email_tools import send_email
......@@ -29,6 +43,7 @@ import secrets_new as secrets
import ridtools
from user_tests import isadm
import getpass
cur_user = os.getenv("SUDO_USER") or os.getenv("USER") or os.getenv("LOGNAME") or getpass.getuser()
date_format = '%d/%m/%Y %H:%M'
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