Commit 800f9fec authored by Boudy's avatar Boudy
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commentation ocaml marche en vode visuel

parent 1fd4cb13
......@@ -212,5 +212,7 @@ endfor
" Gestion des commentaires
command OcamlComment execute "s/^/(*/" | execute "s/$/*)/" | nohl
au FileType ocaml nmap ; : OcamlComment <CR>
command-range OcamlVisualComment silent '<,'>s/^/(*/ | '<,'>s/$/*)/ | nohl
command OcamlComment s/^/(*/ | s/$/*)/ | nohl
au FileType ocaml vmap ; :OcamlVisualComment <CR>
au FileType ocaml nmap ; :OcamlComment <CR>
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