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1. Copy src/models/skel.h to src/models/your_model_name.h
2. replace all occurence of MODEL in src/models/your_model_name.h by
e.g. sed -r 's/MODEL/your_model_name/g' -i src/models/your_model_name.h
3. Edit the file src/models/your_model_name.h, following instructions in
4. Edit src/dispatcher.h you must
- add your model/your_model_name.h in includes
- add 3 line (and one blank line) in the dispatcher model, search bernoulli
and poisson to understand
5. Edit src/Makevars, add -Wall to PKG_CPPFLAGS
6. Compile your code. As your modification are in .h files, you must touch the
file src/dispatcher.h at each recompilation to force recompilation.
cd ..
touch blockmodels/src/
R CMD INSTALL blockmodels
If you want to submit your model, the compilation must be done WITHOUT any
7. Write R RefClass for the model, inheriting from scalar_model,
scalar_model_with_covarariates, multivariate_model, ... or model directly if you
8. Write R documentation file.
If you want to submit your model, example must be runnable.
9. Set export of you model in NAMESPACE.
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