Commit c45aeb34 authored by Jean-Benoist Leger's avatar Jean-Benoist Leger

Test duplicated keys in dict

parent 644948c7
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
from .. import data
from .. import parser
import ast
def test_known_fracts():
assert type(data.known_fracts) is dict
for k,v in data.known_fracts.items():
......@@ -73,5 +75,22 @@ def test_replicated_command():
s2 = set(datasets[j])
assert len(s1.intersection(s2)) == 0
def test_replicated_in_the_same_dict():
with open(data.__file__) as f:
data_ast = ast.parse(
def toobj(x):
if type(x) is ast.Tuple:
return tuple(toobj(v) for v in x.elts)
return x.s
for seg in data_ast.body:
if type(seg) is ast.Assign:
if type(seg.value) is ast.Dict:
keys = [toobj(k) for k in seg.value.keys]
count = {}
for k in keys:
count[k] = count[k] + 1 if k in count else 1
for k, c in count.items():
assert c == 1, "duplicated key in dict: %s" % k
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