Commit 256e24ae authored by Jean-Benoist Leger's avatar Jean-Benoist Leger

It would be better now

parent 21c2501c
hervedir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@/herve
dist_herve_DATA = index.html
hervecssdir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@/herve/css
dist_hervecss_DATA = css/*
herveimagesdir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@/herve/images
dist_herveimages_DATA = images/*
hervejsdir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@/herve/js
dist_hervejs_DATA = js/*
hervepydir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@/herve/py
dist_hervepy_SCRIPTS = py/get*.py py/ py/
dist_hervepy_DATA = py/
ln -sf $(herveimagesdir) $(hervejsdir)/images
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