Commit 6f60de18 authored by erdnaxe's avatar erdnaxe 🎇 Committed by club-med

Socket need to be accessible by apache

parent 9ecd8769
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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ python collectstatic --no-input
# harakiri parameter respawns processes taking more than 20 seconds
# max-requests parameter respawns processes after serving 5000 requests
# vacuum parameter cleans up when stopped
uwsgi --socket "$(pwd)/uwsgi.sock" --chmod-socket=600 --master --plugins python3 \
uwsgi --socket "$HOME/www/uwsgi.sock" --chmod-socket=666 --master --plugins python3 \
--module med.wsgi:application --env DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=med.settings \
--processes 4 --harakiri=20 --max-requests=5000 --vacuum \
--static-map /static="$(pwd)/static" --protocol=fastcgi
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