Verified Commit 77379e90 authored by erdnaxe's avatar erdnaxe 🦋

Fix data dict for isbn

parent 79cd0082
Pipeline #1420 passed with stage
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......@@ -34,13 +34,13 @@ class MediaAdminForm(ModelForm):
# Fill the data
# TODO implement authors, side_identifier
if data['title']:
if 'title' in data:
self.cleaned_data['title'] = data['title']
if data['subtitle']:
if 'subtitle' in data:
self.cleaned_data['subtitle'] = data['subtitle']
if data['url']:
if 'url' in data:
self.cleaned_data['external_url'] = data['url']
if data['number_of_pages']:
if 'number_of_pages' in data:
self.cleaned_data['number_of_pages'] = \
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