Commit 7acbacbf authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by root
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Un permanencier peut entierrement modif une clef (demande darchou <3)

parent 75424a61
......@@ -290,10 +290,7 @@ def edit_clef(request, clefid):
except Clef.DoesNotExist:
messages.error(request, u"Entrée inexistante" )
return redirect("/users/index_clef/")
if request.user.has_perms(('bureau',)):
clef = ClefForm(request.POST or None, instance=clef_instance)
clef = BaseClefForm(request.POST or None, instance=clef_instance)
if clef.is_valid():
with transaction.atomic(), reversion.create_revision():
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