Commit 7d95bb16 authored by Glen Mével's avatar Glen Mével
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`dmenu_run_nofork`: a patch to dmenu to avoid useless subprocesses

parent 0dc808cb
# See
# 2019-08-10 [hackers] [dmenu][patch] avoid some forks in shell scripts
# The packaged version of `dmenu_run` (shown below in comment) clutters the
# system with an unnecessary process. This patch removes it. It was proposed
# upstream but Suckless people don’t care. Suck them.
# Original code:
#dmenu_path | dmenu "$@" | ${SHELL:-"/bin/sh"} &
# Non-forking code:
exec "${SHELL:-"/bin/sh"}" -c `dmenu_path | dmenu "$@"` &
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