Commit 0d46446d authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz

Machines fil par defaut sur vlan 21

parent 09c5d69a
...@@ -233,11 +233,7 @@ class Machine(dict): ...@@ -233,11 +233,7 @@ class Machine(dict):
def create_init(self, type): def create_init(self, type):
if type == 'fil': if type == 'fil':
self['type']='machineFixe' self['type']='machineFixe'
etude = self.luser.get('etudes', [False])[0] self['realm']='fil-new-adherents'
if etude == u'Personnel ENS':
elif type == 'wifi': elif type == 'wifi':
self['type']='machineWifi' self['type']='machineWifi'
self['realm']='wifi-new-adherents' self['realm']='wifi-new-adherents'
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