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Support anglais & espagnol pour preuves adhésions.

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\input{ {{ tpl_path }}/default}
\input{ {{ tpl_path }}/lang/francais}
{% load i18n %}
{% get_current_language as LANGUAGE_CODE %}
{% if LANGUAGE_CODE == 'fr' %}
\input{ {{ tpl_path }}/lang/francais}
{% elif LANGUAGE_CODE == 'es' %}
\input{ {{ tpl_path }}/lang/espagnol}
{% else %}
\input{ {{ tpl_path }}/lang/anglais}
{% endif %}
% On fait des réadhésions
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\lpaybycheck \check{% if f.modePaiement.0 == 'cheque' %}ed{% endif %}box \hspace{1.5cm}
\lpaybycash \check{% if f.modePaiement.0 == 'liquide' %}ed{% endif %}box \hspace{1.5cm}
\lpaybycard \check{% if f.modePaiement.0 == 'carte' %}ed{% endif %}box \hspace{1.5cm}
\lpaybysolde \check{% if f.modePaiement.0 == 'solde' %}ed{% endif %}box \hspace{1.5cm}
\lpaybybalance \check{% if f.modePaiement.0 == 'solde' %}ed{% endif %}box \hspace{1.5cm}
\sommepayee {{ }}\euro
% TODO: moyen de paiement et montant
% Paquets utiles pour faire avoir l'anglais
\usepackage{nth} % For 1st, 2nd …
% La taille des item est abusée
% \setlength{\itemsep}{0pt}
% \olditem
% \vspace{-1pt}
% Les labels
%Général sur la page
\newcommand{\lgotonote}[2]{Read Note~#1 at page~#2}
\newcommand{\ladhesiontitle}{\enflag{} \crans{} Membership}
\newcommand{\lradhesiontitle}{Membership renewal to \crans{}}
%\newcommand{\ladhesionclubtitle}{Membership to \crans{} for clubs} % SIG_NOT_IMPL
\newcommand{\lversiondate}{Last revision date: \today}
\newcommand{\lkeepitcopy}{Copy to be kept}
\newcommand{\lgiveitcopy}{Copy to hand in to the \emph{c\^ableur}}
\newcommand{\lforcableur}{To be completed by the \crans{}}
\newcommand{\lpagenum}[1]{Page #1}
\newcommand{\lformdescription}[1]{This form has #1 additional pages :}
\newcommand{\lfillingguide}{A guide to help you fill in this membership form}
\newcommand{\ltechinfos}{Some general information about the connection and the
settings of common softwares.}
%Label des papiers demandés
\newcommand{\lneedpieces}{Required documents}
\newcommand{\lneedform}{This completed form in duplicate.}
\newcommand{\lneedcertif}{A school certificate or a copy of your student card
for this year (bring the original, we'll make a copy),
before the 1$^{\textrm{st}}$ of November. If you are not a student, the council will decide of your membership.}
\newcommand{\lneedmineur}{If you're underage, a release of your legal guardians.}
\newcommand{\lneedcotis}{The membership contribution.}
\newcommand{\lneedcablage}{The \crans{}-CROUS connection release form (\lpagenum{6})}
\newcommand{\lneedall}{\textbf{Warning:} Some mistakes or omissions in the subscription(signature, release of the legal guardian, date, invalid bank check) may result in a \textbf{immediate disconnection.}}
%Adhésion ou réadhésion ?
\newcommand{\ladhesion}{New member ?}
\newcommand{\Ancienadh}{If you were member of the \crans{}, your account is maybe still in our database.}
\newcommand{\ladh}{New membership}
\newcommand{\readh}{I was a member before}
\newcommand{\lcotismontant}{The membership contribution is of 10\EUR~plus 5\EUR~per month of Internet connection. After 8 months, only 50\EUR are necessary.}
\newcommand{\lpayby}{Payment by:}
\newcommand{\lpaybycard}{Credit card}
%Les labels de formulaires:
\newcommand{\lpersinfos}{Personnal information}
\newcommand{\lname}{Family name}
\newcommand{\lfirstname}{First name}
\newcommand{\lbirthday}{Date of birth}
\newcommand{\lphone}{Phone number}
\newcommand{\lifroom}{Building and room number (ex: \emph{G 210 d})}
\newcommand{\lotheraddress}{\emph{If outside the campus}, complete address}
\newcommand{\lpostalcode}{Zip code}
% Et le disclaimer sur la loi informatique et libertée
According to the French law "Informatique et Libert\'es", you are allowed to access, modify, correct and
delete any related personnal data.
In order to exercise this right, you can write us at \url{} or at
\\CRANS - ENS Cachan, 61 avenue du Pr\'esident Wilson, 94235 Cachan Cedex, France.}
\newcommand{\lcransaccount}{\crans{} account and email address}
\newcommand{\lqcransaccount}{Do you want a \crans{} account?\\
This account allows you to use many services for free.}
\newcommand{\lwarnmail}{\textbf{If you choose this option, you have to check the corresponding
mailbox on a regular basis.}\\
Email forwarding to another address (see below) is still possible.}
\newcommand{\lothermail}{If you don't, please give us another email
address that you regularly check in order to contact you if necessary:}
\newcommand{\lothermailcab}{If you don't, please give us another email
address that you regularly check in order to contact you if necessary:}
% Partie mes machines
\newcommand{\lmycomputers}{My devices}
\newcommand{\lmycomputersclub}{Club devices}
\newcommand{\lhostname}{Hostname/WiFi login}
\newcommand{\lmacaddress}{Mac address/Login}
\newcommand{\lmacether}{Wired connection}
\newcommand{\lmacwifi}{WiFi connection}
% Gros tas de textes
This is the \crans{} membership form. If you decide to, you can become
of this non-profit organization which allows you in particular to enjoy
a high speed Internet connection all over the campus and a lot
of additional services, all managed by a team of
passionnate volunteers that you are welcome to join if you feel
If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to ask the volunteer member
(a.k.a \emph{c\^ableur}) who's registering you.
Your membership requires the \textbf{acceptance of several documents :}
(Unfortunately only French versions are available for now)
\item Association terms of reference :
\item Terms of use :
\item Rules of procedure :
\item Renater terms of use:
You can ask your \emph{c\^ableur} a printed copy of these documents, or get
them directly on the web page:
In case of infringement of these rules\\
you may be temporarly or definitively disconnected.
\begin{center}\Large \textbf{It is forbidden :} \normalsize\end{center}
\item to use \textbf{peer-to-peer protocols} such as eDonkey or BitTorrent in case of \textbf{copyrighted} files download.
\item to upload large amounts of data through Internet (\textbf{"\emph{upload}"}).
\item to share \textbf{copyrighted} files.
For \textbf{Windows} users, an up-to-date \textbf{Antivirus} and a
\textbf{Firewall} are strongly advised.
In order to protect the other computers of the network, your infected computers
may be disconnected!
I certify that I have read and agree to the enclosed documents and agree to them.\\
I also agree to review them if they are modified (I will be warned by email).
\newcommand{\lsignAdh}{Member's signature}
\newcommand{\exemplaires}{Done in two copy}
\newcommand{\lcableurName}{\emph{C\^ableur}'s name}
\newcommand{\lcableurSign}{\emph{C\^ableur}'s signature}
\newcommand{\lfillingguideTitle}{Notes for completing the membership forms}
Since March, 6. 2014, the membership contribution is of 10\EUR~for the membership to the association and 5\EUR~per month of Internet connection with a maximum of 50\EUR (for eight month, the four last months after are offered).
(If you have any question, please contact
\url{}.) \\
% To achieve your membership, you have to give us a copy of your
% student card or your school certificate for the current year and show us
% the original, before the 1$^{\textrm{st}}$ of November. Beyond this date,
% if this document is still missing, your connection will be suspended.
% If you finally are not considered as
% a student for the current year, you will be refunded in proportion of
% the number of connection days since the 1$^{\textrm{st}}$ of September.
\noteannexe{\crans{} account and email address}{
\textbf{\emph{You have to give us a valid email address}}.\\
\normalsize You may be given an email address
such as ``\url{}'',
and be allowed to create aliases.
In this case, you certify that you'll visit this address on a regular basis.\\
This email address is bound to an account which allows you to
use several other services, such as an access to the Linux server
of the association (Zamok) and its storage space, personnal web pages
hosting, 24/7 printing service.
If you want to use this account without the need to check an additional
mailbox, you can just give us another email address
to forward your messages to.\\
This is not a final decision: you can
always create your \crans{} account later by going to the \emph{KFet}.
% \noteannexe{Wired and WiFi connections}{
% As a \crans{} member, you may connect one computer to the wired network
% using the network plug of your room, and an unlimited number of computers
% on the wireless network (which covers almost all the campus).
% For example, if your laptop has both an Ethernet and a WiFi card, you
% can create two connections: from \crans{}' point of view, there are
% two different devices.\\
% By becoming a volunteer member (for instance a \emph{c\^ableur}), you will
% be allowed to connect additional wired devices. \crans{} is always
% looking for new volunteer members (and cannot live without them!),
% so don't hesitate!
% }
% \noteannexe{Name of the device}{
% On the network, every computer has its own unique name that you can
% choose (composed of letters, figures and the dash character).
% For a wired connection, your computer will be seen as
% \emph{}, for a WiFi connection, it will be
% \emph{}. So for a computer with both
% connections, you can use the same name without conflicts.
% }
% \noteannexe{How to retrieve the MAC address?}{
% For every network connection, your computer has a unique ID
% also known as MAC address. This address is needed in order to make
% your connection work. It is a sequence of 12 hexadecimal symbols
% (\emph{i.e.} numerals and letters from \emph{A} to \emph{F}).
% For example: \textbf{00-01-03-2A-29-B4}.
% \begin{itemize}
% \item \textbf{On Linux} : Open a terminal and type
% \emph{/sbin/ifconfig -a}.
% \item \textbf{On Mac OS X} : Go to ``\emph{System Preferences}'',
% then ``\emph{network}'', and choose
% ``\emph{Integreted Ethernet}'' for the wired connection, and
% ``\emph{Airport}'' the WiFi connection.
% \item \textbf{On Windows} : Click on
% ``\emph{Start}'' then ``\emph{Run...}'' and type \emph{cmd}.
% In the black window, type
% ``ipconfig /all'' and look for the lines
% ``Physical Address'' corresponding to your network cards (Wireless for WiFi, Local Network for
% Ignore virtual addresses such as \textbf{00-00-00-}…
% \item \textbf{Other OS} : see \macAutresOS
% \end{itemize}
% In some systems, it might be necessary to enable the WiFi connection
% or plug a network cable in order to make the network card appear and
% see the MAC address.\\
% If you have any problem, don't hesitate to bring your computer and ask
% for your \emph{c\^ableur}'s
% help.
% }
\newcommand{\lcaseIssue}{In case of problem}
% \section{Wired network}
% Generally speaking, the computer has to be set up to
% connect automatically to the network, without
% any additional settings.
% \vspace*{-4mm}
% \subsection{Linux}
% You can for example use the \emph{Network Manager} applet to
% connect to the network with \emph{auto settings}.
% \vspace*{-4mm}
% \subsection{Mac OS X}
% Go to \emph{System preferences}, then \emph{Network} and choose \emph{Configure: DHCP}.
% \vspace*{-4mm}
% \subsection{Windows}
% \begin{itemize}
% \item On \textbf{Windows XP}, in the \emph{control panel} in the
% \emph{classic view}, choose \emph{Network Connections}, then
% right-click on \emph{Local Area Connection} then on \emph{Properties}.
% \item On \textbf{Windows Vista or Seven}, in the \emph{Network and Sharing Center},
% choose \emph{Manage network connections}, then right-click on
% \emph{Local Area Connection} then on \emph{Properties}.
% \end{itemize}
% Only keep: the \emph{Client for Microsoft Networks}, the {TCP/IP (IPv4)}
% protocol (\textbf{everything must be set to \emph{automatic} in the properties});
% Be sure to have the \emph{File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks} and
% \emph{IPv6} \textbf{disabled}.
% \section{Wireless network}
% The \crans{} WiFi network is protected with WPA2 Enterprise protocol.
% The login is the computer's name on the \crans{} network and you will be given the password
% (in \textbf{lower case}) by your \emph{c\^ableur}. These informations can also be found in your register form.\\
% Some operating systems (Windows) need extra settings, that are explained
% in detail at \mbox{\wifiInfos}.
\section{Wired network}
Generally speaking, the computer is automaticaly configured to connect to the network, without any additional
settings for all operating systems.
%However, you have to ensure that the IPv6 connectivity is disabled in your Windows computer by checking on the ``\emph{Network center}'' then selecting ``\emph{Manage local network}''. Right-click on ``\emph{Connexion au r\'eseau local}''
% then ``\emph{Properties}' in order to disable the "\emph{IPv6 protocol}".
\section{Wireless network}
The \crans{} WiFi network is protected with WPA2 Enterprise protocol.
The login is the computer's name on the \crans{} network and you will be given the password
(in \textbf{lower case}) by your \emph{c\^ableur}. These informations can also be found in your register form. \\
The given links are available on the Cr@ns-accueil WiFi channel and on the wired network, \textbf{even if you are not registered}.
A script is purposed to configure your computer: \wifiInfosWindows. Just download and start it: a windows will popup
to enter your WiFi login and password.
\subsection{Mac OS X}
Mac OS Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6) should be distinguished from recent versions (like Lion,
Mountain Lion ou Mavericks, from 10.7). To know your Mac OS X version, just go in the
``\emph{Apple}'' menu then ``\emph{About this Mac}''.
\item On \textbf{Mac OS 10.7 et and following}, your computer is automaticaly configured. When you connect on the \crans{} WiFi network, enter the login and password for the computer.
\item On \textbf{Mac OS 10.6 and before}, you have to configure your computer and \wifiInfosMac ~will show you how to do it.
\subsection{Linux, Android, Windows Phone, ...}
All configuration informations should be found at \wifiInfos.
If you have a connection problem, you can get in touch with
\crans{} members by email or during the \crans{} presence hours.
Before contacting us, please try to identify the issue and look
for the information that could help the \emph{c\^ableurs} to solve
the problem.
\section{Fixing the connection {\small(see also \mbox{\marcheplus{})}}}
\item Are the settings correct?
\item Did you try to wait 5 minutes, then unplug and plug again the network cable?
\item When you try to connect, do you see any error message?
\item Is the local network accessible (for example \url{})?
\item Is there a current announced incident on the network (see \url{})?
\section{\emph{c\^ableur} presence hours (\emph{permanences})}
In case of problem, you can meet a \crans{} \emph{c\^ableur} at
the \emph{K-f\^et} (near building B) during the whole year,
from Monday to Friday between 12:30 and 13:30 during lunch time and
between 18:30 and 21:00 in the evening (except Tuesday and Thursday evenings).
\section{In case you get a new computer}
If you get a new computer, you have to give us the new corresponding
MAC address(es). In order to do this, you may meet a \emph{c\^ableur}
(see above) or contact him. If you created a \crans{} account, you may
also modify this information by yourself by log in to
\section{Contact \crans{}}
For any problem, you can contact us directly by email, at the address
\url{}. This is a private mailing-list. However, we
are not sending your passwords by email.\\
Don't forget to give us any information you may think relevant for this
issue, in particular a precise description of the problem and your name
and room number.\\
For any other question, you may find an answer and/or email contacts in
the booklet you were given when you registered.
\newcommand{\lICertify}{I certify}
\newcommand{\lmadeloc}{Written at}
\newcommand{\lmadedate}{Date :}
\newcommand{\lconnecreq}{that I want to be connected to the network}
The choice made in this form does not imply membership or subscription to the corresponding
offer, neither agreement with its terms of use. This is not a final choice, and thus can
be modified at any time.}
There exist on the campus two different networks allowing to connect to the Internet.
One of them is managed by the \crans{} association whereas the other by the CROUS of Cr\'eteil.
You will have to choose on which network you want to be connected.
Here is a short description of both offers :}
Wired Internet connection\\
(public Internet and ENT)
Wired and wireless Internet connection\\
Network TV\\
Low-cost printing\\
Email addresses\\
Network cable offered
One year : 50 \euro \\
Less than six month : \\
20 \euro{} + 5 \euro{} per month
\newcommand{\lcrousprice}{One year : 20 \euro}
The \crans{} is a student association that has deployed an network on the campus,
connected to the Internet through l'Ecole Normale Sup\'erieure of Cachan, and that
has provided its connection and services since 1998.
The CROUS of Cr\'eteil is the public organization that manage the student halls of residence
on the Cr\'eteil \textit{acad\'emie}, thus on the Cachan campus.
\newcommand{\lmailalias}{Email aliases\forcableur~(filled by the \crans{})}
\newcommand{\llogincrans}{\crans{} login\forcableur{}(filled by the \crans{})}
% Paquets utiles pour faire avoir du joli espagnol (enfin je suppose)
% Les labels
%Général sur la page
\newcommand{\lgotonote}[2]{Leer la nota~#1 a pie de página~#2}
\newcommand{\ladhesiontitle}{\esflag{} Adhesión a la asociación \crans{}}
\newcommand{\lradhesiontitle}{Readhesión a la asociación \crans{}}
\newcommand{\ladhesionclubtitle}{Adhesión \crans{} para los clubes}
\newcommand{\lversiondate}{Fecha de última revisión: \today}
\newcommand{\lkeepitcopy}{Ejemplar que guardar}
\newcommand{\lgiveitcopy}{Ejemplar que devolver al cableador}
\newcommand{\lforcableur}{Rellenado por el \crans{}}
\newcommand{\lpagenum}[1]{Página #1}
\newcommand{\lformdescription}[1]{Este formulario tiene #1 anejos:}
\newcommand{\lfillingguide}{Guía para rellenar el formulario
\ifthenelse{\boolean{re}}{de readhesión}{de adhesión}.}
\newcommand{\ltechinfos}{Generalidades a propósito de la conexión y de los parámetros de los programas usuales.}
%Label des papiers demandés
\newcommand{\lneedpieces}{Documentos que proporcionar}
\newcommand{\lneedform}{Los dos ejemplares del formulario
\ifthenelse{\boolean{re}}{de readhesión}{de adhesión} (el primero es tuyo y el segundo nuestro).}
\newcommand{\lneedmineur}{Si eres menor de edad, un descargo de tu responsable.}
\newcommand{\lneedcotis}{El pago de la cotización.}
\newcommand{\lneedall}{\textbf{¡Cuidado!} errores u omisiones en el formulario de adhesión (firma, autorización del tutor, fecha, cheque inválido...) pueden llevar a una \textbf{desconexión inmediata}.}
%Adhésion ou réadhésion ?
\newcommand{\ladhesion}{¿Nuevo miembro?}
\newcommand{\Ancienadh}{Si ya estabas miembro del \crans{}, tu cuenta debe de seguir existiendo en nuestra base de datos.}
\newcommand{\lcotismontant}{El importe de la adhesión es de 10\EUR~ a los que añadir 5\EUR~ por mes de conectividad Internet. Después de 8 meses de conectividad se fija el importe a 50\EUR.}
\newcommand{\lpaybycheck}{por cheque}
\newcommand{\lpaybycash}{en efectivo}
\newcommand{\lpaybycard}{por tarjeta}
\newcommand{\lpaybybalance}{por sueldo}
\newcommand{\sommepayee}{Importe que pagar~:}
%Les labels de formulaires:
\newcommand{\lpersinfos}{Datos personales}
\newcommand{\lbirthday}{Fecha de nacimiento}
\newcommand{\lifroom}{Edificio y habitación en el campus (ej: B 210 d)}
\newcommand{\lotheraddress}{\emph{Si vives fuera del campus}, dirección completa}
\newcommand{\lpostalcode}{Código postal}
% Et le disclaimer sur la loi informatique et libertée
\newcommand{\llil}{Conforme a la Ley ’’Informatique et Libertés'' (Informática y Libertad), dispones del derecho para acceder, modificar, rectificar y suprimir los datos nominativos que te conciernen.
Para ejercer ese derecho, puedes enviar un correo electrónico a \url{} o escribirnos a la dirección siguiente: \\
CRANS - ENS Cachan, 61 avenue du Président Wilson, 94235 Cachan Cedex.}
\newcommand{\lcransaccount}{Cuenta \crans{} y dirección de correo electrónico}
\newcommand{\lqcransaccount}{¿Quieres disponer de una cuenta \crans{}?\\
Esa cuenta te otorga de forma gratuita el acceso a numerosos servicios opcionales\\
y \textbf{no} es vinculado con la conectividad Internet.}
\newcommand{\lwarnmail}{\textbf{Si eliges la posibilidad de tener una cuenta, tendrás que consultar la dirección electrónica asociada.} \\
Si por acaso quieres recibir tus correos electrónicos en una dirección electrónica personal, o si no quieres una cuenta \crans{}, }
\newcommand{\lothermail}{otra dirección electrónica
que consultas regularmente para que podamos contactarte:}
\newcommand{\lothermailcab}{Otra dirección electrónica
que consultas regularmente para que podamos contactarte:}
% Partie mes machines
\newcommand{\lmycomputers}{Mis máquinas}
\newcommand{\lmycomputersclub}{Máquinas del club}
\newcommand{\lhostname}{Nombre de la máquina/Nombre de usuario para el WiFi}
\newcommand{\lmacaddress}{Dirección MAC}
\newcommand{\lmacether}{Máquina fija}
\newcommand{\lmacwifi}{Máquinas WiFi}
% Gros tas de textes
Esto es el formulario \ifthenelse{\boolean{re}}{de readhesión}{de adhesión}
al \crans{} \ifthenelse{\boolean{club}}{para los clubes }{}:
\ifthenelse{\boolean{club}}{Éste permite al club de aprovechar los servicios y la
conectividad Internet, en los locales asociativos y todo el campus.
La adhesión de los clubes es gratuita pues ¡no tengas dudas! Para
hacer tu adhesión efectiva, la persona efectuando la inscripción
(es decir tú) tiene que ya ser miembro y entonces se vuelve responsable
del uso de los servisios Cr@ns por tu club.
\ifthenelse{\boolean{re}}{reconduces tu estatuto de miembro}{te haces miembro}
de esta asociación, lo que te permite aprovechar entre otras cosas una conectividad
Internet de alta velocidad en el campus y de numerosos otros servicios, gestionados por
un equipe de voluntarios aficionados con los quienes puedes asociarte si tienes motivación.
Si acaso tengas dudas, puedes pedirle ayuda al miembro activo (\emph{cableador}) que está registrándote.
\ifthenelse{\boolean{re}}{La re}{La }adhesión al \crans{} necesita
\textbf{la aprobación al nombre de tu club de los documentos siguientes:}
\textbf{que apruebes los documentos siguientes:}}
\item Los estatutos de la asociación:
\item La carta:
\item El reglamento interno:
\item Los estatutos Renater :
Puedes pedirle a tu cableador que te proporcione una versión papel de estos documentos, o más sencillamente encontrarle en la dirección siguiente: \conditionAdh
\begin{center}\textbf{Si no respetas estos documentos, te expones a\\
¡la desconexión temporal o definitiva de tu club! Además si se averigua que tienes responsabilidades,
podremos sancionarte también.
¡tu desconexión temporal de la red !}
\begin{center}\Large \textbf{Está prohibido:} \normalsize\end{center}
\item el uso de \textbf{redes entre pares} de tipo eDonkey o BitTorrent para usos ilegales.
\item el envio de demasiados datos hacia el exterior de la red \textbf{(``\emph{upload}'')}.
\item compartir \textbf{archivos que no son libres de derecho}.
Para los usuarios de \textbf{Windows}, se aconseja que usen un \textbf{programa cazavirus} y un
\textbf{firewall}. En caso de infección viral,
\ifthenelse{\boolean{club}}{las máquinas de tu club}{tus
máquinas} pueden estar desconectadas hasta
su desinfección a fin de proteger los otros usuarios de la red.
Confirmo haber leído los documentos citados y apruebo su contenido
\ifthenelse{\boolean{club}}{ al nombre del club que represento.}{.}
Además me comprometo en ir a consultarles por si fueran a cambiar (se me notificará por correo electrónico).