Commit 5fbc58fb authored by Vincent Le gallic's avatar Vincent Le gallic

On trie les fichiers avant de les afficher

parent 90e46d70
......@@ -217,7 +217,11 @@ def show_files():
out = proc.stdin
out.write("""Liste des fichiers disponibles\n""" )
my_roles = get_my_roles()
for (fname,froles) in all_files().iteritems():
files = all_files()
keys = files.keys()
for fname in keys:
froles = files[fname]
access = set(my_roles).intersection(froles) != set([])
out.write(" %s %s (%s)\n" % ((access and '+' or '-'),fname,", ".join(froles)))
out.write("""--Mes roles: %s\n""" % \
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