Commit fb958138 authored by Daniel Stan's avatar Daniel Stan

contents should be unicode

Fix it. Like 88c699e4
parent 9b6cfcaf
...@@ -707,7 +707,12 @@ Enregistrez le fichier vide pour annuler.\n""" ...@@ -707,7 +707,12 @@ Enregistrez le fichier vide pour annuler.\n"""
else: else:
passfile = value passfile = value
(sin, sout) = gpg(options, 'decrypt') (sin, sout) = gpg(options, 'decrypt')
sin.write(passfile['contents'].encode("utf-8")) contents = passfile['contents']
# <ducktape> (waddle waddle)
if isinstance(contents, list):
contents = contents[-1]
# </ducktape>
sin.close() sin.close()
texte ="utf-8") texte ="utf-8")
if new_roles is None: if new_roles is None:
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