Commit b08f9b41 authored by Alon Swartz's avatar Alon Swartz

support cancel_label

rational: make sense for cancel_label if ok_label (instead of 'cancel')
parent e0707374
......@@ -209,6 +209,7 @@ _common_args_syntax = {
# Warning: order = y, x!
"begin": lambda coords: ("--begin", str(coords[0]), str(coords[1])),
"cancel": lambda string: ("--cancel-label", string),
"cancel_label": lambda string: ("--cancel-label", string),
"clear": lambda enable: _simple_option("--clear", enable),
"cr_wrap": lambda enable: _simple_option("--cr-wrap", enable),
"create_rc": lambda file: ("--create-rc", file),
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