Commit 1c8a3a87 authored by LEVY-FALK Hugo's avatar LEVY-FALK Hugo Committed by root

Suppression de vérifications inutiles.

parent e3bd4e7c
......@@ -445,10 +445,8 @@ def create_ports(request, switch_id):
messages.error(request, "Ce switch ne peut avoir autant de ports.")
return redirect("/topologie/switch/" + str(
if begin < s_begin:
b = range(begin, s_begin)
if end > s_end:
e = range(s_end+1, end+1)
b = range(begin, s_begin)
e = range(s_end+1, end+1)
for i in itertools.chain(b,e):
p = Port()
p.switch = switch
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