Commit 241d2462 authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by root

Si l'instance ldap_user existe pas on l'ajoute sans bruit

parent fd0cce6f
......@@ -545,12 +545,16 @@ class User(AbstractBaseUser):
mail, password, shell, home
access_refresh : synchronise le dialup_access notant si l'user a accès
aux services
mac_refresh : synchronise les machines de l'user"""
mac_refresh : synchronise les machines de l'user
Si l'instance n'existe pas, on crée le ldapuser correspondant"""
user_ldap = LdapUser.objects.get(uidNumber=self.uid_number)
except LdapUser.DoesNotExist:
user_ldap = LdapUser(uidNumber=self.uid_number)
base = True
access_refresh = True
mac_refresh = True
if base: = self.pseudo = self.pseudo
......@@ -574,7 +578,6 @@ class User(AbstractBaseUser):
user_ldap.macs = [str(mac) for mac in Interface.objects.filter(
).values_list('mac_address', flat=True).distinct()]
def ldap_del(self):
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