Commit 37458db3 authored by Maël Kervella's avatar Maël Kervella

Add custom pagination for setting page_size

parent 7f612643
from rest_framework import pagination
from django.core import paginator
from django.utils.functional import cached_property
class AllowNegativePaginator(paginator.Paginator):
Paginator subclass to allow negative or null `per_page` argument,
meaning to show all items in one page.
def page(self, number):
Bypass the default page creation to render all items if `per_page`
argument is negative or null.
if self.per_page <= 0:
return self._get_page(self.object_list, 1, self)
return super(AllowNegativePaginator, self).page(number)
def num_pages(self):
Bypass the default number of page to return 1 if `per_page` argument
is negative or null.
if self.per_page <= 0:
return 1
return super(AllowNegativePaginator, self).num_pages
class PageSizedPagination(pagination.PageNumberPagination):
Pagination subclass to all to control the page size
page_size_query_param = 'page_size'
all_pages_strings = ('all',)
django_paginator_class = AllowNegativePaginator
def get_page_size(self, request):
page_size_str = request.query_params[self.page_size_query_param]
if page_size_str in self.all_pages_strings:
return -1
except KeyError:
return super(PageSizedPagination, self).get_page_size(request)
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ REST_FRAMEWORK = {
'DEFAULT_PAGINATION_CLASS': 'rest_framework.pagination.PageNumberPagination',
'DEFAULT_PAGINATION_CLASS': 'api.pagination.PageSizedPagination',
'PAGE_SIZE': 100
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