Commit 39571c75 authored by chirac's avatar chirac
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Retire le login custom

parent 5057fc0e
......@@ -67,7 +67,6 @@ urlpatterns = [
url(r'^history/(?P<object>service)/(?P<id>[0-9]+)$', views.history, name='history'),
url(r'^$', views.index, name='index'),
url(r'^rest/mac-ip/$', views.mac_ip, name='mac-ip'),
url(r'^rest/login/$', views.login_user, name='login'),
url(r'^rest/regen-achieved/$', views.regen_achieved, name='regen-achieved'),
url(r'^rest/mac-ip-dns/$', views.mac_ip_dns, name='mac-ip-dns'),
url(r'^rest/alias/$', views.alias, name='alias'),
......@@ -821,8 +821,3 @@ def regen_achieved(request):
return HttpResponse("Ok")
def login_user(request):
user = authenticate(username=request.POST['username'], password=request.POST['password'])
login(request, user)
return HttpResponse("Logged In")
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