Commit 634527dc authored by detraz's avatar detraz Committed by klafyvel

Fix name of user after invoice comnpay + acl delete invoice

parent fd125617
......@@ -182,10 +182,12 @@ class Facture(BaseInvoice):
def can_delete(self, user_request, *args, **kwargs):
if not user_request.has_perm('cotisations.delete_facture'):
return False, _("You don't have the right to delete an invoice.")
if not self.user.can_edit(user_request, *args, **kwargs)[0]:
elif not user_request.has_perm('cotisations.change_all_facture') and \
not self.user.can_edit(user_request, *args, **kwargs)[0]:
return False, _("You don't have the right to delete this user's "
if self.control or not self.valid:
elif not user_request.has_perm('cotisations.change_all_facture') and \
(self.control or not self.valid):
return False, _("You don't have the right to delete an invoice "
"already controlled or invalidated.")
......@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ def accept_payment(request, factureid):
_("The subscription of %(member_name)s was extended to"
" %(end_date)s.") % {
'member_name': request.user.pseudo,
'end_date': request.user.end_adhesion()
'member_name': invoice.user.pseudo,
'end_date': invoice.user.end_adhesion()
return redirect(reverse(
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