Commit 7cafc9e9 authored by moamoak's avatar moamoak
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Merge branch 'get_shadow_expirefunc' into 'master'

Function for shadow expire

See merge request federez/re2o!187
parents cfa6fe09 fe378e79
......@@ -321,6 +321,14 @@ class User(RevMixin, FieldPermissionModelMixin, AbstractBaseUser,
si il n'est pas défini"""
return or OptionalUser.get_cached_value('shell_default')
def get_shadow_expire(self):
"""Return the shadow_expire value for the user"""
if self.state == self.STATE_DISABLED:
return str(0)
return None
def end_adhesion(self):
""" Renvoie la date de fin d'adhésion d'un user. Examine les objets
......@@ -522,10 +530,7 @@ class User(RevMixin, FieldPermissionModelMixin, AbstractBaseUser,
user_ldap.sambat_nt_password = self.pwd_ntlm.upper()
if self.get_shell:
user_ldap.login_shell = str(self.get_shell)
if self.state == self.STATE_DISABLED:
user_ldap.shadowexpire = str(0)
user_ldap.shadowexpire = None
user_ldap.shadowexpire = self.get_shadow_expire
if access_refresh:
user_ldap.dialupAccess = str(self.has_access())
if mac_refresh:
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