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Les reglages sur le type de nas sont dans la bdd

parent 37f0c3bb
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ application = get_wsgi_application()
import argparse
from django.db.models import Q
from machines.models import Interface, IpList, Domain
from machines.models import Interface, IpList, Nas, Domain
from topologie.models import Room, Port, Switch
from users.models import User
from preferences.models import OptionalTopologie
......@@ -141,14 +141,25 @@ def instantiate(*_):
def authorize(data):
user = data.get('User-Name', None)
# Pour les requetes proxifiees, on split
nas_type = data.get('NAS-Port-Type', None)
if nas_type == "Wireless-802.11":
nas = data.get('NAS-IP-Address', data.get('NAS-Identifier', None))
nas_instance = find_nas_from_request(nas)
# Toutes les reuquètes non proxifiées
if nas != '':
if not nas_instance:"Nas inconnu")
return radiusd.RLM_MODULE_REJECT
nas_type = Nas.objects.filter(nas_type=nas_instance.type).first()
if not nas_type:"Type de nas non enregistré dans la bdd!".encode('utf-8'))
return radiusd.RLM_MODULE_REJECT
nas_type = None
if not nas_type or nas_type.port_access_mode == '802.1X':
user = data.get('User-Name', '')
user = user.split('@', 1)[0]
mac = data.get('Calling-Station-Id', None)
nas = data.get('NAS-IP-Address', data.get('NAS-Identifier', None))
result, log, password = check_user_machine_and_register(nas, user, mac)
mac = data.get('Calling-Station-Id', '')
result, log, password = check_user_machine_and_register(nas_type, user, mac)'utf-8'))
if not result:
......@@ -215,15 +226,10 @@ def find_nas_from_request(nas_id):
nas = Interface.objects.filter(Q(domain=Domain.objects.filter(name=nas_id)) | Q(ipv4=IpList.objects.filter(ipv4=nas_id)))
return nas.first()
def check_user_machine_and_register(nas_id, username, mac_address):
def check_user_machine_and_register(nas_type, username, mac_address):
""" Verifie le username et la mac renseignee. L'enregistre si elle est inconnue.
Renvoie le mot de passe ntlm de l'user si tout est ok
Utilise pour les authentifications en 802.1X"""
nas = find_nas_from_request(nas_id)
if not nas and nas_id != '':
return (False, u'Nas inconnu %s ' % nas_id, '')
interface = Interface.objects.filter(mac_address=mac_address).first()
user = User.objects.filter(pseudo=username).first()
if not user:
......@@ -237,13 +243,13 @@ def check_user_machine_and_register(nas_id, username, mac_address):
return (False, u"Machine desactivée", '')
return (True, u"Access ok", user.pwd_ntlm)
elif MAC_AUTOCAPTURE and nas_id!='':
ipv4 = nas.ipv4
result, reason = user.autoregister_machine(mac_address, ipv4)
if result:
return (True, u'Access Ok, Capture de la mac...', user.pwd_ntlm)
return (False, u'Erreur dans le register mac %s' % reason, '')
elif nas_type:
if nas_type.mac_autocapture:
result, reason = user.autoregister_machine(mac_address, nas_type)
if result:
return (True, u'Access Ok, Capture de la mac...', user.pwd_ntlm)
return (False, u'Erreur dans le register mac %s' % reason, '')
return (False, u"Machine inconnue", '')
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