Commit 839d88a0 authored by moamoak's avatar moamoak

Merge branch 'Fix_130' into 'master'

Fix #130: Check the right value for need_infra filtering

Closes #130

See merge request federez/re2o!171
parents 82e0dc8c 8573e2b8
......@@ -99,7 +99,8 @@ class EditInterfaceForm(FormRevMixin, FieldPermissionFormMixin, ModelForm):
self.fields['ipv4'].queryset = IpList.objects.filter(
if not IpType.can_use_all(user):
can_use_all_iptype, _reason = IpType.can_use_all(user)
if not can_use_all_iptype:
self.fields['ipv4'].queryset = IpList.objects.filter(
......@@ -114,7 +115,8 @@ class EditInterfaceForm(FormRevMixin, FieldPermissionFormMixin, ModelForm):
if "machine" in self.fields:
self.fields['machine'].queryset = Machine.objects.all()\
if not MachineType.can_use_all(user):
can_use_all_machinetype, _reason = MachineType.can_use_all(user)
if not can_use_all_machinetype:
self.fields['type'].queryset = MachineType.objects.filter(
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