Commit 93805aed authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by root
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Adpate l'autocapture au type de nas

parent 04ea76c5
......@@ -455,15 +455,14 @@ class User(AbstractBaseUser):
general_options.email_from, [], fail_silently=False)
def autoregister_machine(self, mac_address, nas_ip):
def autoregister_machine(self, mac_address, nas_type):
all_machines = self.all_machines()
options, created = OptionalMachine.objects.get_or_create()
if all_machines.count() > options.max_lambdauser_interfaces:
return False, "Maximum de machines enregistrees atteinte"
nas_object = Nas.objects.filter(nas_type__in=MachineType.objects.filter(ip_type=nas_ip.ip_type))
if not nas_object:
if not nas_type:
return False, "Re2o ne sait pas à quel machinetype affecter cette machine"
machine_type_cible = nas_object.first().machine_type
machine_type_cible = nas_type.machine_type
machine_parent = Machine()
machine_parent.user = self
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