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Documentation de history.

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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ def index(request):
services[indice % 3].append(serv)
return form({'services_urls': services}, 're2o/index.html', request)
#: Binding the corresponding char sequence of history url to re2o models.
'user' : users.models.User,
'ban' : users.models.Ban,
......@@ -88,7 +88,24 @@ HISTORY_BIND = {
def history(request, object_name, object_id):
""" Affichage de l'historique"""
"""Render history for a model.
The model is determined using the `HISTORY_BIND` dictionnary if none is
found, raises a Http404. The view checks if the user is allowed to see the
history using the `can_view` method of the model.
request: The request sent by the user.
object_name: Name of the model.
object_id: Id of the object you want to acces history.
The rendered page of history if access is granted, else the user is
redirected to their profile page, with an error message.
Http404: This kind of models doesn't have history.
model = HISTORY_BIND[object_name]
except KeyError as e:
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