Commit aba1fcc9 authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by root

Remove old code

parent 0d54c8ab
......@@ -39,28 +39,10 @@ def context_user(request):
messages.warning(request, global_message)
if user.is_authenticated():
interfaces = user.user_interfaces()
is_cableur = user.is_cableur
is_bureau = user.is_bureau
is_bofh = user.is_bofh
is_trez = user.is_trez
is_infra = user.is_infra
is_admin = user.is_admin
interfaces = None
is_cableur = False
is_bureau = False
is_bofh = False
is_trez = False
is_infra = False
is_admin = False
return {
'request_user': user,
'is_cableur': is_cableur,
'is_bureau': is_bureau,
'is_bofh': is_bofh,
'is_trez': is_trez,
'is_infra': is_infra,
'is_admin': is_admin,
'interfaces': interfaces,
'site_name': general_options.site_name,
'ipv6_enabled': machine_options.ipv6,
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