Commit ddce1892 authored by chirac's avatar chirac

Merge branch 'fix_firewall_synth' into 'dev'

FIx la synthaxe correcte pour iptables

See merge request federez/re2o!239
parents 5723d39a d3033e8f
Pipeline #749 canceled with stage
......@@ -1838,7 +1838,7 @@ class OuverturePort(RevMixin, AclMixin, models.Model):
def __str__(self):
if self.begin == self.end:
return str(self.begin)
return '-'.join([str(self.begin), str(self.end)])
return ':'.join([str(self.begin), str(self.end)])
def show_port(self):
"""Formatage plus joli, alias pour str"""
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